The following conference credentials have been enabled (see below for instructions):

Username: icot18wifi
Password: Miami18$
Event Description: ICOT Miami COnference
Event Start Date: 2018-05-15
Event End Date: 2018-05-20

Connecting to FIU Wireless With Conference Credentials


1. Conference attendees are able to connect via FIU_SECUREWiFi with the username and password provided to take advantage of encrypted network traffic.
2. Some conference attendees with managed systems might be unable to connect to FIU_SECUREWiFi because they lack administrative access to their machines. In those cases, they can use the same credentials on FIU_WiFi.


1. After connecting, users will be redirected to network.fiu.edu once they open up their browser. Instruct your attendees to click on the conference tab at the top, input the conference credentials into the form, and click Login. After a brief wait, users will be redirected to fiu.edu and they will have internet connectivity at that point.
2. Logging in will be required every 24 Hours. Users will be redirected to network.fiu.edu once this timer has expired.

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May 16th to May 20th, 2018


ICOT18 Mission

ICOT Miami is a transdisciplinary conference for investigating and developing thinking skills and dispositions for global citizens to understand and shape solutions for our world by being thoughtful, collaborative, creative, compassionate and competent. The conference fosters collegial exchange and educational development around the topic of thinking and its development. Thinking is understood broadly to include any kind of thinking and learning and to acknowledge cultural, psychological, historical, and disciplinary diversity and richness.

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