Ana Perez Saitua

Ana Perez Saitua has a degree in Philosophy, specializing in Philology, from Deusto University. She has been a Professor of languages (Spanish, French and English) in all educational levels for both the public school system and the government subsidised school system, the Official School of Languages and for Professional Training.

She was the Director of SEASKA, a nursery where they promote and encourage Early Education and the trilingual Language Scheme that was recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Basque Government as a unique innovation project taking place in the schools of the COAS Educational Group (2001).

Since 2004, Ana has held the position of Education Coordinator for the COAS Educational Group, where, among other tasks, she drives and energises the Multilingual Project of this school group, making it one of the first centres of the Basque Country to develop and implement this linguistic model.

Ana is the organizer of the teacher training courses of COAS and Director of 11 editions of the annual Symposium of Teachers of COAS.

The strategic relationship between language and thinking led her to become interested in Teaching for Understanding, meaningful learning, Visible Thinking and Multiple Intelligences and for this reason, she attended Project Zero summer courses at Harvard University.

Ana was a delegate at ICOT-2011 (Belfast, Ireland) and at ICOT-2013 (Wellington, New Zealand). At ICOT-2013, she was given the task of co-organizing, in the name of the COAS Educational Group, ICOT-2015 in Bilbao, of which she is Co-Director.