Dr. Rod Rock

I have served for six years as the superintendent of the Clarkston Community Schools in Oakland County, Michigan. Clarkston is a school district of 8,000 students, 900 educators, and 12 schools. Our community and our schools work closely together to ensure an excellent education for every child.

During my time in Clarkston, I have worked very hard to establish and maintain a clear mission: to cultivate thinkers, learners, and positive contributors to a global society. I believe that every child is smart and that it is our duty as educators to help each child figure out how she/he is smart.
Believing that there are multiple ways to be smart, I seek to have our school system provide many opportunities for students to connect with, engage in, and show their smarts.

Our district works to shape a culture of thinking in every Clarkston classroom, office, and board room. We help students and educators feel heard, seen, a sense of belonging, known, believed, and powerful in our world when we honor, value, make time for, and seek their thinking. We also allow them to develop the abilities to demonstrate what they know, which is more important than their performance on any test.

Before coming to Clarkston, I was fortunate to serve as the Director of Instructional Services in Saginaw County, Michigan. Prior to that, I had the honor of serving as an elementary teacher, coach, and principal in the Unionville-Sebewaing Area Schools.

Dr. Rod Rock, superintendent for Clarkston Community Schools.