Fred Burton

Dr. Fred Burton is Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Ashland University in Ohio.  For over 40 years he has taught in university graduate schools all the way up to kindergarten!  His entire career has focused on living out the principles of the progressive education era beginning with his work as an elementary teacher studying at the Mountain View Center in Boulder, Colorado with the late David Hawkins. For thirteen years, he was the principal of Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School, one of the few progressive public elementary schools in the United States today.  He has worked in partnership with Project Zero in the Harvard Graduate School of Education as Director of the Ohio Visible Learning Project.   Dr. Burton is the Visiting Education Scholar at the Columbus Museum of Art.   Although he has published various articles and given talks on what he has learned about the integrated curriculum and school culture, he believes his experience as a guitarist in a “classic rock” jam band has taught him a great deal about the value of group learning and improvisation in education.  It’s also gotten him a lot of free food and drinks.