Karin Morrison

karin-morrisonKarin Morrison is committed to education and her career has included teaching from preschool to postgraduate levels, leadership and senior executive positions. At Bialik College she was Director of the Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Achievement in Education and the initiator and in school leader of projects including the first Cultures of Thinking project. This project was developed in collaboration with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Reggio Emilia has been, and is, a continual source of inspiration for her. As inaugural Director of the Development Centre at Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), she co-ordinated the seminar programme for professional learning of educators at all levels in the 220 member schools of ISV and introduced new and innovative learning opportunities. These include initiating and working on projects at ISV in collaboration with Project Zero, including Leading Learning that Matters – a new project for accomplished school leaders, and was also instrumental in introducing the work of the Feuerstein Institute and establishing the first Authorised Training Centre in Australia for this renowned organisation, and introducing to, and supporting several projects in many Australian schools. She also highly values her experiences as an ICOT convenor and being a member of the ICOT Standing Committee, a small group of people who enable the sharing of thinking, wonderful ideas and practical experiences of people throughout the world to provide accessible learning opportunities at multi-disciplinary international gatherings to a wide variety of participants.

Karin is a lifelong learner, more recently inspired by Dream a Dream too, and now as an independent consultant has the freedom to fulfil her commitment to helping individuals of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and organisations, in moving forward, fostering open-mindsets to new ideas and intrinsic motivation to think deeply and broadly, learn, explore, develop understanding and take constructive action.