Kiriaki Melliou

Kiriaki Melliou is a kindergarten educator with sufficient teaching experience in low income and refugee-hosting areas in Piraeus, Greece. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and she is currently a doctoral student at the University of Western Macedonia (Greece). In 2012, Shari Tishman introduced her to Angela Salmon who became member of her doctoral committee. Under Dr. Salmon, she focused her research on the relationship between technology and thinking, based on the Project Zero ideas.

Kiriaki is the first Greek educator who joined the PZ Out of Eden Learn online learning community and she was featured in the second “glimpses” video from within the Out of Eden Learn Classrooms.  Also, she is the founder of the Out of Eden Learn Teachers of Greece official Facebook community.

Part of her research work has been published in many papers and presented in several international conferences including the IV and V Visible Thinking conferences in Miami.