Leontxo García

Leontxo García (1956) is a Spanish chess lecturer, presenter, commentator and journalist since 1983. He was a semi-professional player (1975-1983). He has lectured on chess and its educational and social values in more than 25 countries to more than 20.000 teachers.

He produces a daily chess column, a weekly video, a weekly blog and many stories for El Pais (the leading newspaper and website in Spanish, with more than 18 million readers). He has been working for different radio programmes and presented more than 100 TV programmes since 1986. He produced, with Garry Kasparov, the series La Pasión del Ajedrez (The Passion for Chess; 64 magazines and 25 videos; 1998-1999). Leontxo ran Jaque magazine (1991-2001). He has been awarded with the Medal of Merit by the Spanish Government, and included in the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Gold Book. He was a lecturer at the ICOT 2015. His book Ajedrez y Ciencia, pasiones mezcladas (about chess and science, 2013) is already on its sixth edition.