Miami 2018

In May 2018, join practitioners and researchers from around the world for the International Conference on Thinking in Miami. This transdisciplinary conference brings together leading world researchers and practitioners who will offer research, insights and experiences  that provoke, challenge and foster collegial exchange and educational development around the topic of thinking and its application to solving global problems and creating a better world. ‘Thinking’ is understood broadly to include the use of one’s mind for cognitive processes such as thinking, learning, creativity, reflecting, reasoning, analyzing and deciding while also acknowledging cultural, psychological, historical, and disciplinary diversity and richness.

Now more than ever it is imperative to innovate and deal with a deep and wide range of global problems IMMEDIATELY, as the consequences of not doing so are, frankly, dire. So join us to marshall and develop the thinking and application of hearts and minds to better serve our fellow global citizens and planet.

The conference is emphatically transdisciplinary in trend, drawing from such fields as education, neuroscience, health sciences, the arts, sports, government, business, anthropology, history, cross-cultural studies, architecture, engineering, economics, geography, technology and other areas.

Issues like globalization, climate change, demographic changes, mass migration, immigration, technology, the global economy and ethical dilemmas lead us inquire and find solutions from multiple perspectives. With the theme: Cultivating Mindsets for Global Citizens” we aim to create awareness about global issues and the big questions that the next generations will inherit from us. Together we will explore strategies for deeply engaging citizens as young as toddlers up to seniors in understanding world issues from different points of view.  We will consider the interdependency of different disciplines in an effort to collaboratively find solutions to global problems in a digital era.


ICOT Miami envisions a world in which global citizens successfully harness their brain power, thinking and creativity to address the social, environmental, economic and political problems facing current and future generations.


ICOT Miami is a transdisciplinary conference for investigating and developing thinking skills and dispositions for global citizens to understand and shape solutions for our world by being thoughtful, collaborative, creative, compassionate and competent.


ICOT Miami will educate, engage and challenge its audience to:

  • Investigate ways of developing and applying 21st century skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) to meet the challenges and opportunities of our interconnected world
  • Engage individuals in the best transdisciplinary practices for developing a mindset of individual and collective social responsibility
  • Promote the appreciation of the perspectives and contributions of diverse populations, cultures and genders to shape a sustainable environment for continued human growth
  • Discover paths to health and well-being for the human and natural world.