Natalie Belli

Natalie Belli is a humanities teacher in Marblehead Massachusetts where she integrates Project Zero practices and initiatives into her classroom learning. She is currently using Culture of Thinking principles to guide her students’ learning in digital citizenship in an online learning platform called Out of Eden Learn.  Natalie has rewritten her curriculum to explore the complexity of identity and community and how many factors that shape individual identities have shaped the identities of past and present cultures. Additionally, her students’ engagement prompted her to establish The Vagabonding Club, a multi-age club where students slow down to explore global literature, preview international films, and interview community members to gain deeper understandings which transcend time and place.


Natalie has presented learning at Harvard Project Zero Institutes and Visible Thinking conferences in the USA, Europe, and Africa. Her practice is featured in Ron Ritchhart’s book, Creating Cultures of Thinking and with HGSE Project Zero and National Geographic Out of Eden Learn