Rabbi Feuerstein

Rabbi Feuerstein is the President of the Feuerstein Institute, located in Jerusalem, Israel.

Founded by his father, Professor Reuven Feuerstein, the Institute engages in the research, development and dissemination of the Feuerstein Method, a widely acclaimed series of cognitive tools to systematically assess and advance thinking and learning skills. Rabbi Feuerstein spearheads new initiatives, including the development of the Feuerstein Method for the Elderly, the opening of Feuerstein centers worldwide, and designing and implementing program paradigms for application with disadvantaged and special needs populations.

In 1989, Rabbi Feuerstein began studying Psychology and Philosophy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He currently is preparing his dissertation in Psychology at Paris V University. In 1993, he joined the Feuerstein Institute, where he specialized in cognitive-dynamic assessment. Over several years, he and his father developed additional methods of intervention and assessment, and co-authored numerous books and articles on the subject matter. Rabbi Feuerstein is a frequent lecturer on topics such as integrative education and therapy in Israel and throughout the world.

In addition to his work with the Feuerstein Institute, Rabbi Feuerstein co-founded the Tzohar Organization of Rabbis, whose goal is to create a common Jewish identity for Israel society at large. He also serves as the community rabbi of the National-Religious congregation in Har Nof, Jerusalem.