Robert H. Hacker

Robert H. Hacker is a strategist, financial consultant, author, professor and blogger. He manages GH Capital Partners in Miami, FL, a boutique firm that focuses on integrating strategy and finance.

He is the former Chief Financial Officer of One Laptop per Child Association and an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship in the Florida International University School of Engineering. He has taught an IAP course in social entrepreneurship since January 2011 at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is also an adjunct at the University of Miami. He has spoken at many universities including HBS, Sloan and IESE. He is the author of Billion Dollar Company: An entrepreneur’s guide to business models for high growth companies.

For 35 years he worked in the private sector principally in Asia and Latin America. He built a billion dollar publicly traded company in Indonesia and prior to that provided strategy consulting for ten years to Fortune 500 companies in Japan. He began his career as a lending officer with Chase Manhattan Bank. His blog, Sophisticated Finance, discusses strategy, finance and technology.