• Now more than ever it is imperative to innovate and deal with a deep and wide range of global problems IMMEDIATELY, as the consequences of not doing so are, frankly, dire. So join us to marshall and develop the thinking and application of hearts and minds to better serve our fellow global citizens and planet.
  • The conference is emphatically transdisciplinary in trend, drawing from such fields as education, neuroscience, health sciences, the arts, sports, government, business, anthropology, history, cross-cultural studies, architecture, engineering, economics, geography, technology and other areas.
  • Issues like globalization, climate change, demographic changes, mass migration, immigration, technology, the global economy and ethical dilemmas lead us inquire and find solutions from multiple perspectives. With the theme “Cultivating Mindsets for Global Citizens” we aim to create awareness about global issues and the big questions that the next generations will inherit from us. Together we will explore strategies for deeply engaging citizens as young as toddlers up to seniors in understanding world issues from different points of view. We will consider the interdependency of different disciplines in an effort to collaboratively find solutions to global problems in a digital era.
  • Well-designed education programs of today offer relevant value by helping students identify the issues and problems of living in this world, develop viable problem solving and decision making skills, equip them with skills and dispositions for dealing creatively, cooperatively, and constructively with globalization, global citizenry, environmental sustainability, technology and related themes.
  • ICOT 2018 identified three focus areas based on questions the future holds and issues our next generation will inherit. The trigger questions are designed to spark or guide the submission of proposals. We invite presenters to share their big questions and add to any of the suggested questions or topics in order to open discussion and stimulate thought provoking conversations towards thinking and global mindedness.



    1. What should be the purposes that guide our educational goals?
    2. What are essential life-skills for success in school and in life, now and in the emerging future?
    3. How do we foster dispositions that support thoughtful learning and understanding across disciplines?
    4. How should we as human beings truly connect in a digital age?
    5. How do we thoughtfully confront civic, moral and ethical problems?
    6. What are the implications of the digital-age in our thinking process, problem finding and problem solving?
    7. What type of graduates is the world expecting from schools?
    8. How should we prepare and equip students for jobs that do not exist now?
    9. What practical strategies are you using to prepare creative and innovative citizens to solve current and future global issues?
    10. What strategies and tactics promote the connection between global citizenship and global engagement?
    11. How should we design and build sustainable environments for security, enjoyment and play?
    12. How do we create and promote a political arena driven by thinking, innovation, and ethical approaches?